September 5, 2022 Musings

Writing Regularly

The act of capturing your thoughts, consistently.

I want to write more, but I don’t want to have to write proper articles for everything on my mind…

Musings for the soul

Why even write something like this? While I hope these occasional, short, and brief thoughts end up useful for all, I’m most doing this for me. Regular and active writing helps me process my thoughts.

I’ve been experimenting with writing weekly, internally to Shopify, for about 2 months now and have thoroughly loved it. So now I’m going to extend that experiment to writing weekly externally as well.

I genuinely believe the practice of regular writing and reflection to be impactful in how you show up as a leader. This practice presents an opportunity to process and digest what you’ve learned. Further, the space and time you make to do this is itself a rare moment of thoughtful work in most leaders wall-to-wall calendars. Finally, this is an excellent way to capture some core elements of a Brag Doc.

While these weekly musings won’t always be something to brag about, they come from what’s happening in your life week-over-week. It’ll form a rough map of the problems you run into, or the growth you are currently focused on. While not a replacement for a Brag doc outright, it’s a good first-step and augmentation.

So welcome to my first weekly musing, a musing on musing itself.

Small technical note…

All my short writings, or musings, will be in the Musings category, so you can know what you’re in for. As I mentioned, this is mostly for me, and many of these will be early previews of long-form articles to come. When inspiration (and mood) strike, I’ll transform many of these into their final full-length form.