September 6, 2023 Talks & Workshops

Leading High-trust Teams: Workshop

Workshop in 2023 on how to better lead teams, both in-person and remotely.

A 4-hour deep dive into being better leaders and how to build high-trust in your teams. Inspired by remote leadership, but all applicable to in-person teams too.

The course is designed to help you reflect and refine the way you show up as a leader, the type of culture you build, and ultimately, help you help your team reach a new level of performance. Expect to leave with a new perspective on leadership and a set of tools to help you get there. If you ever want to dig deep here, I’d love to learn about what you’re trying to achieve.

Slides for each session:

  1. Trust, its flavours, and its importance
  2. Authenticity and tools for deep trust
  3. Facilitation and space-making
  4. Defaults, conflict, and solving problems